Amy Jean - Former


Outland Denim Amy Jean Wide-leg Cut from our newest rigid denim, Amy, is finally here. But don’t let the words rigid scare you, this denim has a very soft, very wearable feel, coming in a cotton lyocell blend, the comfort level of this jean makes them feel like you’ve had them for years.

Outland Denim prides themselves on Making denim with the cleanest raw materials from across the globe, sourced with sustainability ant the fore front and fulfilling employment to their staff who have come from some of the most vulnerable and exploitive situations.  By purchasing a pair of outland denim you are helping these employees live a life of equality that many of us are so privelaged to have.

Printed on the pocket lining you’ll find a ‘Thank you’ message, written by one of the women who made your garment, as a reminder of the true positive change you have had simply by purchasing and wearing them.