Dusty Jeans - Bondi


Outland Denim hugs from waist to knee before relaxing at the calf. With a goes-with-anything, where-it-anywhere kind of versatility, it’s easy to see why this jean is a best seller.

Dusty has been made with the cleanest raw materials from across the globe, sourced with care by our design team who are just as passionate about sustainability as you are. This jean has been constructed with expertise in our cut and sew facility, where we offer fair, safe and fulfilling employment to our staff, some of whom have come from some of the most vulnerable and exploitative situations in the world today. In our state-of-the-art washing facility our wash Engineers put the finishing touches on the Dusty jean using industry leading sustainable washing techniques and technology.

Printed on the pocket lining of your Dusty jeans you’ll find a ‘Thank you’ message, written by one of the women who made your jeans, as a reminder of the true positive change you have had simply by purchasing and wearing them.

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