Rowley Classic 1966-1999-2019-


Vans Rowley Class 66 99 19   20 Years On and one of the most Iconic Skater Shoe ever Produced The shoe that took vans through the Millenium 

 Rowley advanced the skill level of going big as much as he almost single-handedly refocused shoe design in 1999. Shunning the air pocket laden footbeds, lace loops, and abundance of plastic prevalent at the time, Rowley's first signature shoe with Vans pulled from classic design and a vulcanized sole, immediately catching on and rekindling interest in vulcanized shoes as a whole

This 2019 Series takes it to the next generation  A Living Legend a Silohuette as big as his "Rowley-Darkslide" and Ode to one of the coolest cats on the Globe