Strummer SS Woven Shirt - Japan


Brixton's Strummer Short Sleeve Woven Shirt is a relaxed fit button up shirt designed to make a statement no matter the occasion. Made with a plain weave cotton and rayon blend, this shirt has a little extra room due to its more relaxed fit, and it features a softener wash that makes it feel great to the touch; comfort is key. 

X Strummer 

Brixton and the Joe Strummer estate have come together to create a truly unique collection that honors the iconic lead singer of The Clash. As one of the most recognizable figures in punk history, strummer inspired the brand from the very beginning. Given unprecedented access to his closet, each piece is a genuine reflection of Joe, from his style to his art, and above all his rebellious view of the world. His music and spirit reflect the ideals of the Brixton brand, and this product collection is their tribute to the man behind it all.