Surfer Survival Kit

Mens Society

Mens Society Surfer Survival Kit This Kit contains all a beach loving surfer needs for a great day in the sea. Including our emergency surf wax, shampoo & body wash, muscle rub, after-sun and that must have shark bite bandage because one can never be too careful.


  • Shampoo & body wash. A natural formulation that uses citrus fruits to clean the skin and coconut oil to moisturise the hair. Perfect to restore skin after hours in salty water.
  • Muscle rub. Peppermint and ginger to soothe those screaming thighs.
  • After-sun. Essential oils nourish and cool the skin after a day in the sun.
  • Surf board wax. Used by surfing pros to stop them from slipping off their boards.
  • Shark bite plasters. It pays to be prepared.